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    Check out this neat way to get involved in the WNBA as a teenager.

    Many young basketball players dream of playing professionally someday, but did you know there is a way you can be part of the WNBA right now? The WNBA Teen Advisory Board lets you have your say about the league directly to the people who run it.

    The Board is made up 20 teenagers, including both boys and girls. These teens offer their feelings and opinions about a wide range of topics to WNBA leaders, including thoughts on marketing to teens, interaction between fans and players, and off-the-court activities.

    The Board meets bi-weekly through a conference call. WNBA staff members use these calls to learn about the issues teens face on a daily basis and trends they have spotted among their friends. League officials say the information from the Teen Advisory Board meeting is then used to help the league direct its efforts in marketing, licensing, and community outreach.

    The Teen Advisory Board is also a major contributor to a new section of the WNBA Web site that is aimed at teen-aged fans and called "Hip Hoops." In addition to information about the WNBA and the Teen Advisory Board, including pictures and descriptions of the current members, the site has a wide range of information beyond the WNBA.

    For example, it contains links to articles written by Teen Advisory Board members covering topics like pre-game rituals, role models, self-confidence, time management, and one girl's opportunity to meet the players on the New York Liberty. There's also a look at the 2001-2002 women's college basketball season with Final Four picks from some of the Teen Advisory Board members. You can even take a trivia quiz to see how much you know about the WNBA. But don't worry, no one else will see your score.

    A new Teen Advisory Board is selected every six months and a new board is just around the corner. Any teens interested in becoming a member of the board should check during the next few weeks when applications are slated to be available. The WNBA will review those applications, which will include a short essay, to choose the 20 members of the board.

    Article written by Gball Assistant Editor Dennis Read.

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