GBALL Fun Facts for girls who love basketball

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More fun facts:

  • What former coach-athlete tandem now play together?

  • What WNBA superstar was her high school class president?

  • How smart is Tennessee's Kara Lawson?

  • Who was the second-leading scorer in NCAA play last year?

  • Has Vanderbilt ever won a national championship?

  • Did Tennessee Head Coach Pat Summitt play basketball in college?

  • What Final Four player has the nickname 'Icebox'?

  • Which top player currently on the Portland Fire was not chosen until the third round of the WNBA draft in 1999?

  • What year did UConn win its first national title?

    In 1995, Connecticut had its first undefeated season, going 35-0 and winning the NCAA Division I national championship by topping Tennessee in the final game, 70-64. Standout players included Rebecca Lobo, Kara Wolters, Nykesha Sales, and Jennifer Rizzotti, along with Jamelle Elliot, Pam Webber, and Carla Berube.

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