GBALL Fun Facts for girls who love basketball

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More fun facts:

  • Can you name the University of Tennessee graduate who has won a gold medal on the U.S. Olympic team and is a three-time college conference coach of the year?

  • What six players have had four-year All-American careers?

  • Who are the "Elite Five"?

  • Who was the youngest player and the oldest player on the WNBA rosters at the end of the 2004 season?

  • What returning LSU starter played for Sweden in the 2002 FIBA European Championships for Junior Women?

  • What does Swin Cash's first name mean?

  • How did the Sacramento's Lady Grooms get her nickname?

  • Is Minnesota the lowest-seeded team to ever reach the Final Four of the women's NCAA Division I championships?

  • What team leads the nation in scoring offense?

  • What special talent does Adrian Williams have?

  • Who was Oklahoma's first Academic and Kodak All-American?

    She is now best-known for her role as an analyst of women's college basketball on ESPN, but in 2002 Stacey Dales-Schuman was voted a Kodak All-American for leading Oklahoma to the Final Four--AND the Verizon Academic All-American of the year. Dales-Shuman competes for the Washington Mystics during the WNBA season and averaged 8.2 points per game last year.

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