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    Balancing Act

    Sometimes it is difficult to be committed to so many things: sports, school, clubs, etc. A few games ago, I had to choose between playing in my second basketball game of the year, or going to my orchestra concert. I chose the concert. I really, really wanted to play in the game, but I knew that my orchestra teacher would not like that I missed the concert at all, and I could possibly get a bad grade.

    So I went to our game warm up, and as the game started, I had to leave. I was really nervous at first, because we seemed to be getting off to a bad start when I left the gym.

    My little brother was watching the game, texting my mom and keeping her updated about the score. During intermission, my best friend ran to me telling me that we were up by ten at the half. I was so excited I couldn't believe that they had come back!

    By the end of the concert, I knew that they were not still playing, but I ran over to the gym anyway to find out the results. We had won by at least twelve points! I knew that my team could do it and was so excited for them.

    So far, our team has gone a long way since last year. Our record is 5-2 and we hope to keep playing better as a team. We tend to come back in the third quarter so that we can come back by the end, but in some cases, it is even before halftime. Our schedule the next couple of weeks is tough because we have six games in ten days, but practices have been good, and we can do it.

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