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    Nearing the end of the season

    By Katie Peterson
    Ithaca, NY

    The end of the season can be hard for many teams. After lots of sprints, drills, pep talks and most importantly games, teams can be tired of basketball and of each other. Recently, our team has not been playing as well as we can. Our coaches asked us honestly if we were kind of done with this season and just ready for AAU to start. Most said we were, but if we would just dig down deep then we can realize that all of our hard work has paid off and we will end this season very well.

    With only a few weeks left in the season, our team has sort of hit a rough patch. It seems like we have lost our passion for what we are doing, like we are ready for this year to be over. The last three games we have lost, so we have sort of given up.

    Nevertheless, we can totally win sectionals. We just have to put the pedal to the metal, and work hard in practice so that we can be prepared for rough competition in games. Our team can really play well, as long as we work together, not as individuals.

    So lately, practices have been more serious and we have really been doing our best. We cut harder, run faster and play with more intensity. Hopefully, our hard work will pay off next week in sectionals, when we play a team that we have both beat and been beaten by.

    We also really need to gain back our confidence. Our old mentality has come back, where we are just here to play, instead of here to win. Our coach has said that we go into games asking ourselves not if we are going to win, but how much we are going to win by. This is an important aspect of our game: knowing that we can do it.

    I think going into the end of the season, it is important for a team to dig deep and figure out what it can do to win. Physically we can do it, mentally teams need to be prepared for anything, and they especially need to be confident. But most importantly, a team needs to remember to have fun!

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