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    Revved Up For Recruiting

    By Katie Peterson
    Ithaca, NY

    Trying to get recruited to play basketball in college can be a fun, interesting, scary and an exciting process. I really like getting letters from different places and hearing about where my friends received mail. It's fun to see where different colleges are and to look up the places online. Whether you get many letters or none at all, you can never know where you will be going until you take college visits and talk to the coaches.

    Although I am not old enough to talk to coaches, many of my friends are going through the more advanced stages of the recruiting process right now. They take college visits on weekends that we don't have a tournament, and talk to the coaches while they are on campus. Some of the questions you might want to ask are how is the team chemistry, what the athletic facilities are like, and what the academics at the school are like. Sometimes when you visit a school campus someone will show you around and tell you all about college life. It is good to know what the school is like before agreeing to go there.

    My Elmira Lady Express AAU team is going to three more tournaments this year: Penn State, Villanova and Junior Nationals in Washington, DC. The first two tournaments are back-to-back, so we will be gone for a week. I think that I will play more basketball games this week than I ever have in a week before, and I am really excited to do so. At these next tournaments, there will be a lot of coaches watching everything from how we play, to how we listen to our coaches on the bench. It will be very important to just play basketball the way we know how to do it, and when we make mistakes, take a deep breath and make up for them on the next play. Most importantly though, is to have as much fun as possible.

    Overall, getting ready for college can be intimidating and you may feel unprepared, but as long as you take a deep breath and relax, getting recruited will be a most-exciting time. It is important to let the colleges know that you are interested in their school and to be active about getting noticed, otherwise you may never get recruited. Although these steps help, the most important thing is to play basketball the best way that you know how and that is the biggest factor. Good luck!

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