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    AAU recruiting

    By Katie Peterson
    Ithaca, NY

    Last Monday, our team ended its season after playing Horseheads in the sectionals semifinal game. Although we lost, the team played really hard the whole game and never gave up. Our overall record was 15-4, which was not bad compared to last year's 12-11.

    We had so much fun practicing, playing and traveling together. It seems like the season just started and now AAU is just around the corner! I am really looking forward to playing with my old AAU teammates, and seeing who will be joining us this season. We are planning on going to about eleven tournaments this year; many of them open for recruiting.

    Since becoming a junior, I have gotten a lot of emails and letters from coaches, which is very exciting. Some of these schools include Penn, Princeton, Cornell, NYU, University of Rochester, Towson, Stonehill, and Loyola of Maryland. I have also visited some of these schools, including Cornell, NYU and Rochester.

    Although I cannot talk to them off their campus until April 1st of this year, I can make visits where I ask the coaches questions such as: What is traveling like? What are normal workouts like in pre- and post-seasons? What is a typical practice schedule? What are the academics like at the school?

    It's also fun to take a campus tour, either with the coach or as a formal tour with students. This way, you can learn about the campus from a student's perspective.

    When I know that a coach is watching me play, I get really excited, and sometimes nervous, but it's a good nervous, because it gets me extra-hyped.

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